How to create your own online casino with the help of development

If you become a developer, then this project will become simple but interesting for you. Despite the global economic crisis, the online casino industry quickly adapted to the new realities, continuing to bring in seductively stable incomes to gambling business owners. It is the profitability of the sphere that is the weighty argument that makes entrepreneurs want to start their own project. To make your wish come true, we tell you in detail about the launch of an online casino.

Decide on your target market

Selecting your target market will be one of the first steps in developing your online casino, and the decision you make will shape many of the key aspects of your business. So what should be kept in mind?

Players and their requests

No matter how time-consuming the stage of determining the target audience may seem, it rightfully deserves a rigorous analysis by operators. The right questions will lead to the correct segmentation of the audience, and, consequently, to a point orientation on your client.

Stand out from competitors

In the modern world, it is no longer possible to reinvent the wheel (and is it worth it?) – possible modifications will in any case be based on the original concept. The situation is identical in the gambling world, where it is important to take into account the most productive and, therefore, effective methods among those currently existing, while simultaneously developing your own visiting strategy.

The more organically your competitive offer fits into the picture of a particular market, the greater the chance to attract interest from the players. After all, in fact, the promotion tools are the same for everyone. The only difference is how well they fulfill their mission

Prepare a business plan

Planning missteps inevitably lead to planned missteps. The play on words is not a joke or a threat, but an obvious statement of fact. A business plan is not only a kind of assistant for operators, but also a mandatory requirement for obtaining a gambling license, as well as a convincing argument in negotiations with

Investors- require a separate license for each type. Generally, gambling types are divided into RNG games, sports betting, fantasy sports and poker. At the same time, poker, depending on the jurisdiction, can be both a game of skills and a game of chance.

Financial costs

Naturally, the cost of a license is where the thinking begins. Fees and taxes, as well as additional costs associated with the process of obtaining a license, are individual in each of the jurisdictions. Therefore, it would be reasonable to start, first of all, from your budget

Pay attention to the taxation system! Depending on the government and income level, the figures vary from region to region. This item is directly related to the financial component of your business plan, which we discussed earlier.

Licensing process

Each jurisdiction establishes its own licensing process, which in any case is quite complex and bureaucratic. For example, due diligence checks are traditionally carried out in the most thorough manner, and due diligence checks of key business figures may be carried out by international legal agencies.

Time frames also play a big role when choosing a jurisdiction. While on the island of Curacao the process takes up to 6 weeks, in Malta it takes up to 6 months.

In order not to get lost or lost in all the bureaucratic intricacies, you can consider the option of contacting experts. As a rule, such support includes a range of services from business advice to preparation, as well as verification of the entire paper part of the process. The most popular

  • Curacao
  • Malta
  • Alderney
  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar
  • United Kingdom

Professionals in their field

A thriving online casino cannot be the representation of one actor, no matter how good the actor himself may be. In any case, you will need staff. The more professional, the longer the future of the project. Fortunately, the online industry is actively developing, expanding its reach and getting rid of the traditional stigmas that firmly existed before. On top of that, one should not neglect personnel from other areas: a new look and new business approaches sometimes become exactly what helps the project to find its calling card.

Online casino

Software Choosing a software provider is a responsible process, because the level of your online platform will depend on it: the frequency of software updates, the variability of the set of functions, the variety of settings, the speed of troubleshooting, and so on.

Platform solution

To launch an online project from scratch, there is a turnkey solution that already includes the integration of game content and payment systems, partner services and a bonus module. Thus, operators have at their disposal a ready-to-launch platform with all the necessary tools to attract and retain players, as well as to interact with the iGaming community. In addition, in this format, operators are provided with round-the-clock technical support, custom-made branding and, of course, regular updates.


Capabilities Gambling software must be safe, reliable and multifunctional. Also, refusing certain characteristics, it is worth thinking about the near future. After all, perhaps soon they will become essential for the development of your platform.

Take care of the servers that host your online project. Your turnkey online casino with a license should provide smooth operation of the site for the widest audience with the fastest loading speed. Every moment of a second counts when it comes to SEO metrics and user experience. If your resource slows down, then the whole business system slows down, but definitely not the players. Given the variety of projects, they always have the choice to jump on another competing trail.

Winning player loyalty is one of the top priorities of an online casino. And so that your users do not have to click randomly – consider the main languages ​​​​of your target audience.

Additional modules and third-party software will never be superfluous. On the contrary, they allow you to study the market in depth, the behavior of your players, and also develop the most tempting offers for the audience. To succeed in this direction, you will need:

  • CRM-system;
  • marketing tools;
  • content management system;
  • reporting system;
  • financial and security modules;
  • game segmentation;
  • online consultant.

Player-Oriented User Experience

As we noted above, meeting the demand of players deserves the closest attention, since the success of the project depends on their behavior on the casino platform. And the most difficult thing in this process is to competently and excitingly guide the players through your offers, so that, in the end, they can be impressed and choose what they would like.

At the same time, the path from the first impression to the first rotation of the drum should be as short and as unobtrusive as possible. The registration process should not scare away with its complexity and slalom. It would be nice to highlight the deposit buttons for the intuitiveness of finding them. In turn, game content should be grouped according to the most popular queries: genre or game volatility. Remember: players should not search – they should organically come to what they want. And one more thing: it is not enough to involve them – it is necessary to involve them in the process. Players are not spectators, but active participants in the life of your platform.

And to lead an active life, users must have their own functionality. For example, the ability to personalize the site at your own discretion is something that would help players create their own comfort within your online casino. Customization is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining players.

In addition, do not neglect the widgets available to display up-to-date information and bonuses, tournament winners, new games to players.

Visual Appeal

Just as people are judged by their appearance, online platforms are visually scanned before attention moves to the functional part of the site. Therefore, the development of a harmonious design requires careful study: the color scheme, the dominant palette, the size of banners and buttons, the location of the latter, and many other aspects.


Sometimes online casinos, like the administrative websites of governments, are attacked by hackers. For this reason, in the process of obtaining a gambling license, the authorities make sure that your project is protected from all fronts, requiring high-quality software, as well as reliable systems for tracking potential risks.

For example, abuse of bonuses can be stopped by careful identification of the person. No matter how repulsive it may seem, the owner of an online casino should think about the safety of his income and the prevention of controversial situations associated with problem gambling, as well as players below the legal age limit using fake documents. To be insured against threats, you need to add advanced technologies to your platform, whether it be modules, third-party software, or Know Your Customer tools.